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Scolarice Art

Moody Blues Keychain

Moody Blues Keychain

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Made of new and reclaimed glass, plastic, metal, and stone beads and charms.
This one of a kind design is conceptualized and hand-assembled by Amanda Scolarice.

Features three strands.
The longest strand, placed in the middle, features a box stitch lanyard with dark blue, light blue, and glitter blue string.
The middle-length strand, placed on the right, features a silver eight-petal flower charm with a dark blue center, a round green/blue charm with a light blue center, and a light blue flat teardrop charm.
The shortest length strand, placed on the left, features a vase-like shaped clear blue bead, a dark blue round bead, and a ten-petal aqua flower charm with a yellow smiley center.

Hardware: silver keychain ring
Weight: 19g.
Length (from longest strand): ~4.25 in.

*If you would like a different hardware type (a clip instead of a ring, or vice versa): leave a note at checkout or email stating so.


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