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Scolarice Art

Every Design 21ct Sticker Pack

Every Design 21ct Sticker Pack

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10% of your order goes to Stray Cat Network, a cat rescue! Check out "10% TO CATS" for more info!

Save money and get 21 original stickers for $63, equaling $31.50 in savings!
Comes with free shipping!

All sticker designs are conceptualized and hand-drawn by Amanda Scolarice.
3" by 3" shiny and matte finish stickers.
Weatherproof, waterproof, and durable.

Includes one (1) of each of the following

  1. I Want To Absorb
  2. Mushroom House
  3. Wizard Dog
  4. Ghoul-Friends 
  5. Clown Cat
  6. Wild Strawberries Butterfly
  7. Friendly Frog
  8. You're A Fart Bucket
  9. Sad Bunny
  10. Slug On Wheels
  11. Purple Haze Butterfly
  12. Grape Soda
  13. Dog-nut
  14. Ice Cream Butterfly
  15. Ducky Bath
  16. You Will Bloom Flower
  17. You Are Cool Soup
  18. Pride Popsicle
  19. Rainbow Sky Butterfly
  20. Cat Jam
  21. Sweet Cannoli


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